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The Eos Project favors a broad vision of how environmental relations are integrally linked with the quality of human life and social conditions. We are especially interested in proposals that make connections to societal issues that tend to be treated as separate from “environmental” concerns (such as equity, justice, health, community, work and livelihood, consumption, urban design, religion and spirituality).

Priority will be given to projects and initiatives that:

Bring new ideas, initiatives, and energies to Vanderbilt

Connect with campus constituencies in which environmental concerns are not already well-developed

Create a series of conversations or participatory engagements over a period of time. For example, a series of panel discussions or films, or a reading/discussion group that meets in advance to prepare for a guest speaker’s visit

Engage undergraduates in direct, participatory, immersive experiences, including community service and other locally-focused learning, research, or activism

Use the arts, performance, humor, food, and other participatory activities to integrate academic understandings with community-building sociality and fun

Help students imagine alternative pathways to a better collective future

Grant Types


A topically-focused initiative to develop understanding and/or action on specific issues or ideas during the 2015-16 academic year. Possibilities include (but are not limited to) reading/discussion groups, engagements with guest speakers, field trips, community service projects, film series, participatory performances, art interventions, and other immersive learning experiences. For retreats, low-cost lodging (for up to 8-10 people), meeting space, and outdoor walking/activity facilities are available in the countryside an hour from Nashville.


Funding: $1000 in individual research funds and a project budget up to $1000. We also invite joint proposals coordinated by two applicants, each of whom will receive $1000. For larger budget needs, Eos Project personnel may help Fellows to seek additional funding.


Deadline: Submit a one-page proposal by Monday, September 14th. Interviews with selected applicants will take place Thursday-Friday, September 17-18th. Decisions will be announced by September 29th, and project funds will be available immediately thereafter.


A discipline-focused initiative to develop more sustainable attention to environmental issues in a department or program’s curriculum and/or extra-curricular programming. Applicants must obtain a statement of support from the Department Chair or Program Director, with a commitment and plan to make this an ongoing part of the program.

Applicants are encouraged to not only create new courses (which is a priority), but also to think more broadly about how to make contemporary environmental concerns a more integral part of their VU discipline’s identity and conversations in ways that will continue into the future.  This might involve organizing a graduate or undergraduate reading group, panels, or symposia; developing undergraduate research or outreach opportunities; creating new department website resources; networking with other universities or organizations; or other creative innovations.


Funding: $1500 in personal research funds. For joint proposals from two applicants, each will receive $1000. Additional funding may be available to support initial programming or start-up costs in 2015-16.


Deadline: Submit a two-page proposal by Monday, September 21st. Interviews with selected applicants will take place Thursday-Friday, September 24-25th.

Later applications may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

For questions and proposal submissions, email: Beth A. Conklin
Chair, Department of Anthropology

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