le-monde-du-silenceTuesday, April 12, 7:30-9:30pm. Screening of Le Monde du Silence (The Silent World) by Jacques Cousteau. Sarratt Cinema.

This pioneering French nature documentary follows renowned explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau as he investigates aquatic habitats in various locations around the world. Featuring whales, sharks, and many other varieties of marine life, the film doesn’t shy away from the brutality present in the natural world, but it also paints a fascinating picture of underwater exploration, as Cousteau and his associates strive to reach previously unseen ocean depths. When the film was re-mastered in 1990, Cousteau chose to leave in the scene depicting the mass killing of sharks in order to demonstrate how far society has come in its understanding and treatment of sharks. France/Italy (1956), Co-Dir: Jacques Cousteau and Louis Malle. French with English subtitles. No rating. 86 minutes. Blu-ray.

Presented by: Jennifer Fay (English, Cinema & Media Arts) and Allistair Sponsel (History). Presented in collaboration with Cinema & Media Arts, with the permission of the Cousteau Society.