Cultural Landscape of the Bamiyan ValleyAt what cost: assessing the impact of construction, destruction, and heritage preservation on the 21st-century environment
Riyaz Latif and Tracy Miller
This project seeks to assess the full impact of heritage preservation in tandem with new construction an environmental degradation.  It foregrounds the most pressing issue of violent human intrusion on existing environmental fabric, especially as it relates to the destruction of art and architectural specimens historic and modern.  Drawing our focus from the havoc wrought on human ecology and the environment during the recent devastation of ancient remains in Syria and Iraq, we aim to use these tragic events to facilitate discussions surrounding the environmental impact of human intervention in the landscape and on the value of cultural heritage preservation in both local and global contexts.  The fellowship will entail a one-day workshop that hosts scholars who have extensively engaged these issues, and to build a seminar that will form a starting point to develop the means and methods to incorporate a dimension of human ecology into courses on architectural history and the built environment in the History of Art Department.