01-MonroeCarellVanderbilt-765x400_6f8c0da428Ecological Health is Population Health

John Compton and Keith Meador

Since its inception, biomedical ethics has frequently been conceptualized as an individualistically focused model of ethics in which autonomous individuals make high stakes medical decisions. Though serving constructive purposes, this limited view of medical ethics ignores the importance of ecological realities in human health and flourishing. In our Eos Project, we will bring together interdisciplinary focus groups from across the University and Vanderbilt University Medical Center to heighten awareness around the intersections of ecology and health as a lens for nurturing a vision for population health. This vision for ecological and population health is embedded in our current TIPs project designed to challenge students and faculty regarding building communities of care on the Vanderbilt campus. Our commitment to incorporating ecological concerns into our work with both students and faculty seeks to better navigate the integration of a vision of an ecologically sensitive ethics of care within ethical public health considerations of prevention and population health.