PRO_seekingMetaphorSeeking New Metaphors: Mobilizing Culture to Confront Environmental Crisis
Carwil Bjork-James and Sophie Bjork-James

We are now living in a time when multiple environment crises—in the form of climate change, toxins in the food chain, habitat destruction, mass extinctions, and extractive industries—are wreaking havoc on every ecosystem on the planet. What is lacking is not knowledge about the devastating effects human systems are having on the natural world, but rather the conceptual imagination and political will to confront the scale of challenges that we face. This project seeks to create collective conversations that ask: How do we collectively move from recognition of environmental problems to the moral commitment to adequately address these problems? Through a series of films and talks, Seeking New Metaphors hopes to foster critical conversations that mobilize new cultural resources for addressing these threats. Through the series we hope to bring together students, faculty, and community members into conversations that lead to new alliances, new thinking, and new actions addressing the environmental crises of our times.