7Monday, Feb.22. Hearth of Sky, Heart of Earth. Buttrick 103.

Acclaimed documentary Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth interweaves the ceremonial life and environmental activism of six Maya in Guatemala and Chiapas to narrate a critical position on the global ecological crisis. This film is part of Seeking New Metaphors: Mobilizing Culture to Confront Environmental Crises, a series of films and talks that asks: How do we collectively move from recognition of environmental problems to the moral commitment to adequately address these problems?

“It is quite possible our great corporations will succeed in finishing Nature off …
and expel the Indigenous from their lands. On the other hand, resistance is growing. Many young Maya say the world will not go under. It will start anew, but we all have to fight for it, here and now. If one is searching for impressive evidence of this tenacious determination, Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth is it.”

Organizers: Carwil Bjork-James (c.bjork-james@vanderbilt.edu) and Sophie Bjork-James (sophie.bjork-james@vanderbilt.edu) (Anthropology).

This event is co-sponsored by the Eos Project and Environmental and Sustainability Studies.