FoodWeb_NancyHuntly_ustFri., Mar.25, 3:10pm. Nancy Huntly (Utah State University), “Unfurling 4,000 years of human ecology in the North Pacific: the long-term places and roles of the Aleut in their ecosystem.” Buttrick 102.

The Aleut or Unangan are the indigenous people of the Aleutian region. This seminar presents results of an integrative interdisciplinary study of the western Gulf of Alaska — primarily of Sanak Island, Alaska – that reconstructs the prehistory of human settlement, environment, and ecology. The seminar will examine the influences of people long ago on contemporary ecology, the human population trajectory of the Sanak ecosystem, the other creatures of the region and how people may have used, influenced, and been influenced by them, and how ecological models can be used to interpret archaeological and paleoecological data.

Nancy Huntly is an ecologist, Professor of Biology, and Director of Utah State University Ecology Center. She has studied the ecology of deserts, old-fields, mountains, sage-brush steppe, and Alaskan coastal areas and is now incorporating people explicitly into many kinds of ecological models to better understand how people fit into, are influenced by, and influence the rest of Nature.

Organizer: Malu Jorge (Earth and Environmental Sciences),